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Mobile devices are becoming more important to the society now. But how good are mobile devices if you cant access the internet on the phone and if you do access it, how will that webpage show up on the screen. Their are many different things you have to consider when making a webpage mobile device capable. One thing is to get the screen resolution right. Without the correct screen resolution to correctly fit the phone the user is using, the information may be squished or the whole layout of the webpage may be unorganized. Another thing that you should do is to break up the desktop version webpage into small points. The mobile webpage should just have the main key points to the website and it shouldnt include ads, or different kinds or articles along the side margin. Third thing is to make a simple design and stay with it. Just like in creating your desktop webpage, you should find a design that is the same but simplify it so the user can find what the are looking for in a fast and timely manner. The fourth thing is to have an option to view the full webpage. Some people dont like using the mobile site and would rather just use the desktop version on their mobile device. With this option, we give the user a chance to use the desktop version and maybe they stay on the site longer. And lastly, reduce the amount of text entry fields on mobile webpages. Mobile phones arent like computers that it comes with a huge keyboard and you can manually type what you want. With mobile devices, you get a smaller keyboard that will fit the size of the phone, which makes it harder for the user to type into these text fields. Of course their is more that these 5 steps to follow in creating a mobile webpage, but these are kind of the basics in which you should follow in creating a successful mobile webpage.